Folks, let’s please not start the year off with an electrical fire. I did a service call yesterday and the homeowner had a very light duty (lamp type) extension cord feeding the refrigerator in the garage. Not good. If you need to do something like that, please use a heavy duty extension cord of at least 15 amp, preferably 20 amp.

Here are some other tips to keep safe from electrical fires this winter:

Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from anything and don’t use extension cords to feed them.

Make sure you have working smoke detectors. If you do not have a 120 volt, battery back up smoke detector in every bedroom and on every floor (and the ones on every landing should be combo-CO/smoke detectors), consider calling JKJ Electric for a free quote to have them installed properly.

If you have water leaking into your house from snow and ice and it is travelling anywhere near electrical wiring or equipment, don’t wait to get the leak corrected and the electrical items inspected by a qualified electrician.

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